Growing up in one of the oldest and most magnificent cities of Europe, Glenn became keenly aware of life’s inherent splendor. Elements of his early home life helped shape his imagery providing a solid foundation for his artistic career...

Glenn Deneve was born in Bruges, Belgium. From childhood Glenn was drawn to the United States and the creative vibe of California. In 1997 he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams.

Glenn is drawn to nature, light, and the reflection of the sun on urban buildings – through a desire to uncover their harmony and beauty.

He explains: “Throughout the day I absorb the beauty I am surrounded by, with a conscious determination to eliminate any ugliness that might pop-up!! When I stand in front of the canvas, this influx of joy comes out of my system and flows unto the canvas in the form of bright colors, movements and shapes until it is fully expressed!! The process of painting is cathartic, a purification of the soul, it brings about a renewal of my inner self.”

Glenn is an artist who embodies the synthesis of his modern abstract sensitivities with sweeping palettes of color, and the atmospheric qualities of aesthetics and beauty. It is this fusion of color, spontaneity and representation that produces his rich and expressive body of work.

What makes Glenn’s work so appealing is his employment of engaging yet ambiguous imagery, which challenges viewers to approach his paintings from a very personal point of view. His seemingly impulsive combinations of forms and colors, scale and perspective, are always surprising and uplifting, and invite the viewer to personally process this visual information. One might find himself returning to Glenn’s paintings and encountering myriad subtleties that were not seen before.

Glenn developed his own textures and combinations of acrylic, watercolors and ink on canvas, wood panels and paper.