Ziba’s love for art began when she was four years old. 

She remembers drawing her newborn cousin like it was yesterday. She drew him perfectly, like a photograph. The way he would lay there, the colors of his onesie. Her relatives flipped out and everyone was in shock. From then on, all her presents were art supplies. 

A brutal war with Iraq began in 1981. Iran completely changed.Thanks to her parents love and support for her passion, she never stopped drawing and being tutored while living in Turkey and Italy. At the age of 12 through 14 she studied with Persian artists Badreyee Borghey and Hessam Abrishami. 

In her 20’s she was all over the place with her style, experimenting and figuring out what worked for her. In hindsight, she saw that she has somehow incorporated everything she has experienced, everything she has loved and all things she has given her attention to. She likes to be light and fun with her work, with a playful message to not take everything so seriously. 

She loves what she does, and it is an honor to share her work when they are done. She truly believes her pieces are lucky and carry blessings into homes.One thing she feels clarity with, is her world makes sense to her when she is creating art. Every day she thanks the universe that she is an artist.