A self-taught multimedia artist, creator from New York

Dub Williams is finally indulging a previously untapped desire to create work that amuses, amazes, and pushes the boundaries of propriety and possibility. 

Williams snuck onto the L.A. art scene in 2012, expanding a growing online fanbase with appearances in group shows alongside some of LA’s biggest names, as well as stickers strategically slapped all over the east side. With the mind of an engineer and a sharp sense of humor, Williams creates larger than life 3D projects and irreverent art steeped in social commentary. As evidenced by his priority mail sculptures and work with dollar bills, Williams finds inspiration in repurposing materials for applications other than their intended use. His projects are the result of a series of personal dares—the consequence of a person unrestrained by conventions or traditions asking and answering the question..

“I wonder if I could?”