Kamil Vojnar creates works consisting of images digitally layered from many different photographs and textures, varnished with oil and wax, and on occasion painted with oil paints...

Kamil Vojnar was born in Moravia, Czechoslovakia, in 1962 in the middle of the Cold War. He studied at the School of Graphic Arts in Prague and began his career as a graphic designer. After he completed his military service as a tank commander he immigrated to the United States. He finished his education at the Art Institute of Philadelphia and the Art Students League in New York.

For a period of 10 years he ran an image/design studio in New York, where he created book and CD covers for a wide range of US-based and international clients. This career allowed him to develop his interest in illustration and imagery based in photography. His passion, however, was to be an artist and do his personal work. He found a quiet refuge in St.Remy de Provence in southern France.