Matt Eddmenson, who graduated from The Art Academy of Cincinnati in 1999, draws from a range of influences and sources for his practice, including Cowboy Comics, Pop Art, and the work of Cy Twombly. His works are gatherings and reconfigurations of American imagery and iconography, commonly featuring cowboys, skulls, and rodeo horses. He also incorporates images from the golden age of comics and tattoo culture. Eddmenson explains: “I work from my memories as a child, I learned to draw by tracing comic book covers over and over until I was able to draw these characters from memory—I have a deep admiration for comic book art.”  Works like “There Ani’t No Ice Here Son” (2021) and "Don’t Put It Past Her” (2021) demonstrate Eddmenson’s ability to reference western comics, his love for postmodern masters, and the great colorists of the 21st century.

b. 1975, Henderson, Kentucky

Lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee


2021      Some Fool’s Mess,  Volunteer State Community College,  Gallatin, Tennessee

2020      Never Miss A Good Chance To Shut Up, Dane Carder Studio, Nashville, Tennessee

2019       15 Kids and No Daddy, imogene and willie, Nashville, Tennessee

2018 The Day and What We Gave Up, Dane Carder Studio, Nashville, Tennessee

2017 A Matter of Truth, Undisclosed, Los Angeles, California


2016 Refueled: ART. PHOTOGRAPHY. OBJECT.  Dallas, Texas


Nashville Arts Magazine - April 2018 by Nashville Arts Magazine

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