Artist Statement:

I’ve always been fascinated by analytics. Today of course, they are all the rage. Every Fortune 500 company or sports team or university has a staff full of statisticians. Google simply plugs in a word or phrase and gives you the analytics. I call these Google search pieces “one man analytics”. Instead of plugging into the information vortex of the web it’s plugged into my melon shaped dome. My choices are not made purely by the numbers. I select images and make choices that are compositional, satirical, comical, topical, and sometimes literal. The photos, memes, quotes and sale products are collaged together to surmise a singular subject. The internet is a vast wasteland of information. A vacuum built to destroy artful premise and create a void of all specifications.  I’m trying to harness some of that random beauty. I’m painting with data. When sifting through and compiling,  finding a semblance and compositional value, is done on the spot.  These are made from doing the same thing everyone does all day on google.

The light boxes are sculptural of course. A lot of people come up to them and try to touch the screen. They ask “does it change?” I want to viscerally engage people. That’s what the light boxes are all about.  

Do you agree with my choices?

Is there a glaring misnomer or some thing I forgot to include?

How are the images related?

Within these questions there is a personal aspect with which all can relate. This inner dialogue and outward conversation are where the choices I made become something.



Born in Brooklyn


University of The Arts Pennsylvania graduate


IDSA Award winner


Creative Director Mark Ecko


Art Director for Bruce Makowsky and BAM Luxury


Featured showings at Art Fairs including:

Art Miami

Scope New York

Art Market San Fran

Hong Kong Affordable

LA Art Show

Seattle Art Fair

Palm Sprongs Art Fair

Hamptons Art Fair

Aspen Art Fair

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