Ralph Lazar’s unique style explores the tension between the simple beauty of day-to-day existence and the ominous underbelly of society; whether it be apartheid’s shadow over the South Africa he grew up in, or the current divided state of US politics.

Lazar's art takes the form of stream-of-consciousness compilations, inspired by the people, words and music that form the backdrop of his daily life. He documents current affairs in real-time, with a focus on the US.

Lazar manages to capture this relentless flow of information, by preparing thousands of small paintings in advance. Then, as the day unfolds, he adds words to some of them them, capturing the news in real-time, and building them in to final, larger-format collaged pieces.

Ralph Lazar was born in Johannesburg and studied law & economics at the University of Cape Town and the London School of Economics.

He is currently based in Marin County, just above San Francisco. He has also lived in Nice, Buenos Aires, Paris, Moscow and Oxford.

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