RON PILLER Los Angeles artist Ron Piller takes his inspirations from traveling extensively all his life. He has been fortunate to visit many beautiful and fascinating countries including India, Vietnam and most recently Cuba. Ron notes “every dilapidated building and car is an inspiration and feast for the eye.” 

Colors and architectural formations permeate Ron Piller's artworks and create a sense of depth and curiosity. His artworks are created by layering newsprint, acrylic paint, and pencil marks on wood panels. Piller relishes the materiality of his medium, finishing the front of each work with a layer of resin to give it a reflective sheen. The sides of the artwork are finished separately, either with layers of paint or paper or both, sanded down to add a compelling look, incorporating a further dimension to the artworks.

"Color and geometric order/disorder are my constant concern. Beginning each painting I seek to create a subtle but visually engaging ground which serves as a foil to the next layers of geometric shapes - all contained within or challenging the penciled grid. Balancing the shapes and colors of pieces fascinates me. Often I will place a strong color or shape anywhere, knowing that the challenge to engage it successfully is so satisfying. I finish the front of my work with resin, as it provides a window into the work. It is my desire to convey to the viewer my humble recognition of the Mystery that we live in and the spiritual which creates, infuses and envelops all." 

His series of geometric abstractions consist of conversations between colors in a defined space yet at the same time the infinite. The geometric shape tries to contain the colors, but the colors demand, emerge, transform and dazzle.